Welcome to Alaska’s brand new blog for grantees of the Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (or SPF SIG for short). In this more casual online atmosphere, we hope to share the things we learn along our journey of implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework We also hope to share questions from grantees that we think might apply to other grantees, and share stories of success, be they big or small. Like the coalition that managed to recruit a local bar owner. Or the community that lost a major local organization as its lead but found another member organization willing to step up to that leadership role. Or the alert harbormaster who noticed a trend of young people trying to sneak alcohol down the boat ramp, and subsequently joined his local coalition, offering to share any data that might be helpful to the project. Hopefully, these kinds of stories and the new ones that develop will help keep you inspired and motivated to overcome the challenges that come up along the way.

Please feel free to share the link to our website (www.alaskaspfsig.org), which includes the page for this blog, on to additional coalition members, project partners, or others you think would benefit from the Alaska SPF SIG blog. The home page includes an easy way to subscribe, so that you’ll receive email notices of new blog posts and other website updates.

Those of us who provide support and resources for Alaska’s grantees all have our various reasons for believing that the Strategic Prevention Framework is a helpful tool for communities. For me, the final project evaluation report from the state of Nevada said it best:

“The SPF SIG project can be viewed as an important catalyst for a paradigm shift in the way substance abuse prevention is conducted…. Amongst other things, it… encourages conceptualization of substance abuse prevention issues as public health concerns with community-level environmental solutions; and it emphasizes needs assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, and evaluation to the same degree that it emphasizes implementation of strategies. Many participants had experience with projects that focused on at least one of these aspects of the SPF SIG, but the combination of these emphases was unusual…”

What do you like about the Strategic Prevention Framework? What keeps you inspired to commit the next few years to this important work? Please feel free to share your own inspirations through the Comments section!