For those of you wondering how to get the word out in your community about the Strategic Prevention Framework and your prevention efforts, a great example comes to us from the Homer Prevention Project. Some of the news coverage the coalition has received came about because of the project staff’s initiative in sending out press releases, while others, according to project director Esther Hammerschlag, were “spontaneous ones that I did not spur with press releases.” It pays to have staff and coalition members who can help get the word out! If you would like to see examples of what media coverage can look like, here are a few links to local news stories about the State Incentive Grant project in Homer:

Luckily, Homer has two local newspapers. Your community may have newspapers, radio and even local television stations, or it may have none of these things. How have you used local media (or other methods) to spread the word about your prevention project?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a couple of learning opportunities that might be useful for Alaska’s SPF SIG grantees.

1. Binge Drinking Video: CDC-TV, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Did you know that 70% of all binge drinking episodes occurring each year in the U.S. involve people over 26 years old? This short video (4:23 min) debunks the many myths of binge drinking and opens our eyes to community environmental strategies that hinder binge and heavy drinking. Tune into CDC-TV for this short and informative video, and share with coalition and community members. A complete script of the video is linked on the same page to provide written information about binge drinking. Access the video here:

2. Webpage: CDC Vital Signs of Binge Drinking: Nationwide Problem, Local Solutions

As each of the Alaska SPF SIG grantees gathers Community Assessment information, this webpage handily outlines some of the statistics about binge drinking and its consequences in the U.S. and states. Connect up with the CDC’s Vital Signs of Binge Drinking webpage to gain a better understanding of the problem and what can be done to prevent binge drinking.Everyone can help support effective community strategies to prevent heavy + binge drinking. Learn how here: