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A sophisticated synthesis

AXOR Citterio E. The essence of elegance.

The calm balance of opposites. For timelessly elegant bathroom design.

Familiar yet new. Contemporary yet classic. Dynamic yet understated. AXOR Citterio E affirms the wisdom of the Pythagorean principle, that harmony is to be found in the calm balance of opposites. A sophisticated synthesis of modern and archetypal forms, hard angles and sensuous curves, technological innovation and time-proven techniques of manufacture, the collection is best characterized by the word from which it derives its name. AXOR Citterio E is elegance itself.

Design: Antonio Citterio

Smooth and easy to use

A synthesis. An evolution. A continual sophistication.

AXOR Citterio E single-lever basin mixer. Polished Chrome.
“AXOR Citterio E is a mix of AXOR Citterio and AXOR Citterio M. We keep the surface of the Citterio collection, but we reduce. We keep the round shape of the Citterio M. It’s a synthesis. If I see the job that I did, I have to say, it’s a continual sophistication, but with a continuity of ideas about dimension, touch, feeling. The continuity of the research, for me, means timelessness.”
- Antonio Citterio
Design innovation

A breakthrough in joystick technology

AXOR Citterio E single-lever mixer. Brushed Black Chrome.

AXOR Citterio E constitutes a breakthrough in international faucet design, enabling sophisticated joystick technology, even at reduced dimensions. Crowned by an intuitive pin handle, sensuous and sensitive to the touch, the AXOR Citterio E single-lever basin mixer is shown here finished in Brushed Black Chrome. The mixer’s dynamic linearity, intricate angularity and sensuous planarity converge perfectly in a noticeably narrowing, gracefully tapering spout.

Freedom of choice

At the wash basin, a versatile selection of mixers

AXOR Citterio E wall-mounted three-hole basin mixer. Chrome.
AXOR Citterio E offers single-lever basin mixers in a range of forms and heights, with intuitive pin or lever handles. The collection also includes three-hole basin mixers, exclusively with cross handles, and wall-mounted basin mixers for concealed installation, either with one plate or with escutcheons, in both single-lever and three-hole configurations. The AXOR Citterio E wall-mounted three-hole basin mixer, shown here, comes with a choice of modern lever handles or classic cross handles.
Elegance at the bathtub

An array of elegant solutions for the modern bath

AXOR Citterio E floorstanding mixer. Brushed Black Chrome.

AXOR Citterio E offers an array of elegant solutions for the bath. The statuesque floorstanding thermostatic mixer, shown here finished in Brushed Black Chrome, includes a baton hand shower featuring both immersive Rain and focused MonoRain sprays. The collection also includes rim- and tile-mounted thermostatic bath mixers in two-hole and four-hole configurations, wall-mounted single-lever mixers, thermostats for exposed installation and diverter valves, as well as its own distinctively shaped bath spout.

Inimitable and immersive

Visual and sensory pleasure in the shower

AXOR Citterio E thermostatic module. Concealed installation.

Combining beauty and efficiency in one clearly structured, elegantly balanced ensemble, the AXOR Citterio E thermostatic shower module for concealed installation is available with three escutcheons or a single plate, and with classic cross handles or the modern lever handles shown here. The collection’s wide range of options for the shower includes thermostats for exposed installation, shower bars, diverter valves, and shower sets with hand showers offering three spray types. All are combinable with a variety of AXOR overhead showers and with the AXOR Universal Accessories range, created in collaboration with Antonio Citterio.

In collaboration with Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio founded his architecture and design studio in 1970, while still a student at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano. Over the last five decades, he has quietly established himself as a leading figure in design at all scales, from skyscrapers across Asia to iconic furniture for leading manufacturers to bathroom fixtures for AXOR. Sometimes referred to as the “gentleman of design”, Citterio is known for his timelessly elegant, unobtrusive design concepts. In addition to AXOR Citterio M, his collections for AXOR include AXOR Citterio and AXOR Citterio E.

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