AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub
Designed by Philippe Starck

AXOR Suite Basins & Bathtub

AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub

A symbol of eternity and elegance

Through elegant design and specially finished elements, AXOR Suite basins and bathtub, designed by world-renowned creator Philippe Starck, bring harmony and a personal touch to any bathroom interior. Each piece is made with Solid-Surface material for resistance and longevity, while smooth contours, small radii and ‘soft’ inner basins, devoid of lines or ridges, ensure a clean modern look with universal appeal. At the same time, specially finished elements - a shelf on the bathtub, a wrap-around surface on the washbasin sides - allow users to express their individuality.

“The new AXOR Suite washbasin combines metal and SolidSurface - a symbol of eternity and elegance.”
Philippe Starck
AXOR Suite Basins

Uniquely universal - Matching your character

Rectangular or circular, the AXOR Suite basins are timeless, universal, elegant forms, characterized by small radii, soft and smooth inner basins. They are encased in Matte Black, Chrome or one of the polished or brushed AXOR FinishPlus finishes, creating another luxurious option for a personal touch in the bathroom.

AXOR Suite Badewanne

A strong statement in the bathroom

Its size alone makes the bathtub the centerpiece in most bathrooms. In the elegant AXOR Suite model, Philippe Starck has not only put emphasis on a timeless, universal design, but also on durable materials. The use of SolidSurface, a durable, stain-resistant surface derived of natural materials and pure acrylic resin meet Starck's claim: “Designed to last forever.” Non-porous and easy-to-clean, SolidSurface is ideal for environments that require the highest standards of hygiene.

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