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A glass mixer. Crystal Clear.

AXOR Starck V. The miracle of water.

V for vitality. V for visionary. V for vortex.

AXOR Starck V encapsulates the wonder of water in motion. The mixer body has been specially designed to sculpt water into a swirling vortex. Transparent yet visible, constant yet ever-changing, the vortex spins and dances. As water pours down the open spout, into waiting hands, one has the sense of experiencing a miracle. With a flow of just four liters per minute, it is a sustainable miracle. And with AXOR Starck V at the wash basin, it is a miracle to enjoyed again and again, every day.

Design: Philippe Starck

Clearly magical

Totally transparent, practically invisible: The essence of minimalism

AXOR Starck V. The water vortex in motion.
“AXOR Starck V is the absolute minimum, almost nothing, totally transparent, practically invisible, enclosing a vortex. For the first time ever, water will be a living reality. How? For me it is not about how things look, but the feelings they inspire. In this way, AXOR Starck V is the essence of minimalism. It is virtually invisible, but visualizes this miracle of nature.”

- Philippe Starck
Visual poetry

A sculpture in crystal glass or frosted porcelain

AXOR Starck V. Body in Chrome.
Sculpted from flawless crystal glass or translucent frosted porcelain, the AXOR Starck V mixer body swivels 360° to enable optimal, splash-free orientation of its open spout. An integrated SafetyStop mechanism ensures no water is wasted when the mixer body detaches—with one EasyClick—from its metallic base for deep cleaning by hand or dishwasher.
Ultimate individualization

Exquisite flourishes of inimitable color

AXOR Starck V two-hole basin mixer. Polished Chrome.

AXOR Starck V comes in single-lever and two-hole variants. Integrated into the mixer body or positioned according to preference anywhere on the wash basin, the elegant pin handle effortlessly turns water on and off. Offered in up to 15 AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, from Stainless Steel Optic to Polished Red Gold, the mixer base provides an additional opportunity for exquisite individualization.

Sensational radiance

Diamond-cut and bevel-cut variants play with light

AXOR Starck V diamond-cut basin mixer. Polished Gold Optic.
Fashioned from ecologically sourced materials, AXOR Starck V can serve as the statuesque centerpiece of any luxury bathroom. For an extra touch of magical opulence, diamond-cut and bevel-cut variants feature intricate geometric adornment at the mixer base. These special cuts capture the light in extravagant refractive patterns, enhancing the spellbinding effect of the vortex itself.
Emotion in motion

AXOR innovation results in a captivating breakthrough

AXOR Starck V. The vortex within sculpted crystal glass.
AXOR Starck V’s spiraling vortex is formed by a specially developed jet shaper, custom-designed to release an ideal degree of centrifugal force. The strength of the vortex is easily adjusted using a simple hex key included with delivery. More than a mixer, AXOR Starck V is a sculpture, a fountain, a functioning objet d’art, conceived to cultivate renewed awareness and appreciation of the everyday miracle of clean water.

In collaboration with Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck may be the world’s most celebrated and influential designer. From juice-squeezers to electric bikes, personal windmills to pre-fab ecological houses, hotel interiors to space habitation modules, his work is guided by a vision of creation as the duty—poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive—to make life better for the largest number of people possible. Together with AXOR, in an enduring collaboration of more than 25 years, Philippe Starck has helped to revolutionize bathroom design. In addition to AXOR Starck V, his collections include AXOR Starck and AXOR Starck Organic.

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