AXOR is dedicated to creating the highest quality products. Sustainably.

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AXOR contributes to a more sustainable future by designing luxurious products for water-related spaces that will last a lifetime. The brand adheres to eco-design principles and seeks to promote sensible consumption.

As part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is committed to Science-Based Targets. Developed exclusively in Europe, our products are designed to be timeless and built to last. Ninety percent of our portfolio is produced at the AXOR Centre for Excellence in Germany’s Black Forest.

In 2022, the Hansgrohe Group switched all international production sites to green electricity, making all facilities carbon neutral. This enables annual savings of over 26,000 tons of CO2. In addition, the group plans to convert all water-consuming products to its "ECO" specifications by 2030, delivering the same exceptional performance with water-saving technologies.

As part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is committed to supporting five UN Sustainable Development Goals.

AXOR products meet the highest standards of quality and design.

Enduring design meant to last a lifetime

AXOR products are designed to be updatable throughout their service life. Any required maintenance or repairs can be easily performed without special tools. AXOR takes pride in its products’ quality, which is why AXOR’s manufacturer’s warranty extends well beyond any legally required timespan. To ensure a secure investment, AXOR guarantees the availability of spare parts for our products for fifteen years—five years more than the legal requirement.

Our water-saving Conscious Shower produces a generous water spray.

Saving water is essential for AXOR

Water is one of our most precious resources. That's why, while continuing to offer water-saving products such as AXOR Conscious Showers, the AXOR product portfolio will be restructured over the coming years, placing even greater emphasis on water-efficiency. Why? Because reducing a product's water consumption also reduces the energy needed to heat that water, thus reducing carbon emissions.

AXOR plans to convert all water-consuming products to its “ECO” specifications by 2030, meaning the products will be available exclusively with water-saving technologies, all while offering the same exceptional functionality and performance.

Fair working conditions are central to AXOR's sustainability mission.

Collaboration lies at the heart of AXOR's mission

AXOR strives to produce in a resource-friendly manner. Beyond developing all AXOR products exclusively in Europe—and manufacturing 90% of them at its AXOR Centre for Excellence in Germany’s Black Forest—the brand maintains long-standing relationships with regional suppliers that prioritize sustainability. Furthermore, the company has developed specific eco-design guidelines for the future development of the entire product range.

Making more from less: AXOR's Eco - Design Guidelines

Material management is an essential component of AXOR’s sustainability strategy. Throughout the design, production and extended life of a product, AXOR implements a range of measures to promote a minimal environmental impact.

Hansgrohe saves 26,000 tons of CO2 annually worldwide by using only green energy.

Climate neutrality* since 2022

After successfully converting its plant in Schiltach, Germany, to green electricity, Hansgrohe did the same with all of its international production sites at the beginning of 2022. This reduces CO2 emissions by more than 26,000 tons annually. Subsequent energy efficiency analyses at Hansgrohe’s production plants in France, China and Germany have identified further potential sustainability measures such as:

  • combined heat and power plants and photovoltaics
  • peak load and solar irradiation planning

In its facility in Shanghai, AXOR has already begun to utilize heat pump technology on the heating system for the electroplating baths.

All international production plants have also set their own aspirational sustainability targets for water, waste and energy. As a result of these efforts, all Hansgrohe Group plants worldwide have been climate neutral* since 2022.

*Climate neutrality refers to greenhouse gas emissions from Scope 1 and 2 (direct emissions and energy consumed at the sites) according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Wherever possible, the Hansgrohe Group actively reduces these emissions. The remaining emissions are offset through recognized, certified climate protection projects. For more information, please visit

Hansgrohe’s Green Vision vastly increases bathroom sustainability.

Hansgrohe's Green Vision: A sustainable revolution.

Water and energy crises around the world are solemn reminders of humanity’s responsibility to reduce its consumption. In response to this imperative, Hansgrohe has developed a bathroom concept that puts people in harmony with nature.

The vision

Conceptually, the vision goes far beyond technological innovation and the sustainability triad of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” It’s about rethinking daily routines in the bathroom. The brand's goal is a sustainable change in consciousness—a new relationship with water, the body, and daily routines.

Hansgrohe's Green Vision is our aspiration, which stands for:

90-percent less water consumption in the bathroom, 90-percent less energy consumption and 90-percent less CO² emissions.

A holistic concept

In addition to confronting environmental concerns, Green Vision seeks to prioritize and explore the possibilities of skin-friendly body hygiene, mental peace and relaxation through design.

The Hansgrohe Group supports five UN sustainability goals.

UN Sustainability goals

Water is life, and water is our passion. We create inspiring moments while protecting this precious element. In doing so, we take responsibility for people and the environment. The Hansgrohe Group is committed to supporting five UN Sustainable Development Goals: 

  1. Good Health and Well-being
  2. Clean water and sanitization
  3. Decent work and economic growth
  4. Responsible consumption and production
  5. Climate action
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