Stealth building by WORKac.

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The three-story penthouse of NYC’s Stealth Building.

Stealth building by WORKac.

“We do more with less if we are denser, if we use space in the section to increase the different experiences of living. That’s luxury.”
Amale Andraos and Dan Wood, WORKac
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  • Architects: WORKac 

Amale Andraos and Dan Wood, founders of award-winning New York firm WORKac, have received international acclaim for architecture and planning concepts that reinvent the relationship between urban and natural environments. Together with their firm, Andraos and Wood are addressing the future of urban living in projects ranging from schoolyard farms in New York City to the dynamic Museum Garage in Miami to the groundbreaking Stealth Building in downtown Manhattan.

Stealth Building has one of NYC’s oldest cast-iron facades.

Reimagining challenges as opportunities.

Named ArchDaily’s Building of Year 2017, the Stealth Building entailed a complete gut renovation and new construction behind one of New York’s oldest and most beautiful cast-iron facades. The project presented challenges ranging from stringent landmark protection laws to a long-and-narrow floor plan with scarce natural light. By reimagining those challenges as opportunities to explore the future of urban living, WORKac have made the Stealth Building a case study in Compact Luxury. 
The ‘third space’ in a Stealth Building apartment.

Layered living.

Among the architects’ stand-out ideas is the so-called “third space” between the bedroom and living areas of each apartment. Situated at the top of the volume that contains storage, bathrooms and the kitchen, the third space is less than 1.2m high but comes equipped with a futon, seating areas, an herb garden and a glass-walled fern garden connected to the master shower below. Grow lights provide the ferns with a light source, and shower steam collects on the glass to water the plants. It’s just one way among many Stealth Building brings Compact Luxury principles to life.
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