Patricia Urquiola. Powerful. Playful. Extravagant.

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Designer Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola. Powerful. Playful. Extravagant.

Patricia Urquiola. Architect and product designer. One of the most well-known representatives of eclecticism. Her experimental style is unique. It produces creations for the senses. Whether it’s tiles, furniture, lighting, fabrics or rugs for the leading design houses. Such as Mutina, Kartell, Foscarini and Moroso.

The Spanish designer brightens up the international architecture and design scene with her feminine designer products. She skilfully combines styles, patterns and materials. Her floral décor and sensuous haptics take us by surprise. She stimulates the curiosity. Her creations say: Touch me!

Patricia Urquiola first showcased emotion-inspiring bathroom design for AXOR with the AXOR WaterDream. Since then, she has been a design partner; the joint bathroom collection celebrated its début in 2008.

A luxury bathroom characterised by feminine touches, by Urquiola.

A different perspective on the bathroom.

Maximum individuality. Space to communicate. For Patricia Urquiola, the bathroom is a reflection of the occupants. A blend of styles and objects. A lounge/bedroom with shared and separate areas. A result of the designer’s own personal experiences. Implemented by an architect who sees the big picture.

In 2004, AXOR engaged in a lively exchange with the designer via the AXOR WaterDream. This resulted in the avantgarde collection AXOR Urquiola. The essence of her creativity. Style fusion. In bathroom design.

Patricia urquiola. The multi-faceted designer.

Patricia Urquiola. From Oviedo, Spain. She went to Madrid to study architecture. She later graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Which is where she met the Italian design legend Achille Castiglione. She started her career with luxury label De Padova. In 2001 she opened the Studio Urquiola in the design metropolis of Milan.

Her studio focuses on modern style with feminine accents and unexpected elements. Her designer products are featured in museums all over the world. For example, the Fjord Foot Stool at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Patricia Urquiola has been selected as the designer of the year multiple times. She was awarded the “Gold Medal of Fine Arts” by the Spanish Government. Find out more on her website:

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