A photo of the AXOR Color Flow bathroom with AXOR One, AXOR One Showers, AXOR Suite Basins and Bathtub in Brushed Brass.

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Discover Individual Luxury
Individualized AXOR products: faucets and showers

Maximum degree of individualization

Discover personalized products
The Stealth Building in New York, designed by WORKac

The future of urban living

Discover Compact Luxury
AXOR One washbasin faucets with Select technology

The essence of simplicity

Discover AXOR One
From personalities for personalities

Mixers and showers that set the standard

The AXOR One Faucet in Polished Red Gold

Iconic objects for design bathrooms

AXOR conceives and manufactures iconic objects for luxury bathrooms. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned designers—Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby among them—the AXOR collections feature products in a wide variety of styles for the washbasin , bathtub and shower . To ensure a consistent visual language throughout any design bathroom, AXOR also offers a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories . In addition to mixers , showers and accessories , AXOR products for design bathrooms include thermostatic valves and waste systems featuring advanced AXOR concealed installation technology .

An AXOR Citterio kitchen mixer in Matt Black

Distinctive mixers for design kitchens 正规的极速赛车2024官网查询,提供实时的开奖记录一分钟结果,168极速一分赛车开奖直播现场

AXOR kitchen mixers bring exceptional design, intuitive technology and precision engineering to any luxury kitchen. Developed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Phoenix Design, AXOR kitchen mixers ensure effortless ease of operation for all who appreciate the art of cooking, from amateur gastronomes to professional chefs de cuisine. Available in up to 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, AXOR kitchen mixers can be personalized to suit the style of any design kitchen.

Portraits of internationally acclaimed AXOR design partners

Leaders in design. Partners with AXOR.

AXOR partners with some of the world’s leading designers and architects to create iconic objects for luxury bathrooms and kitchens. From Philippe Starck to Barber Osgerby , Antonio Citterio to Jean-Marie Massaud , Patricia Urquiola to nendo , Phoenix Design to Front , each AXOR design partner brings his, her or their individual style to collections and products developed and manufactured by AXOR to the highest standards of quality. Together with these renowned design partners, AXOR inspires and helps to enable architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public to shape water-related spaces that reflect the unique personality of the user.

Trusted partners

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